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A short talk to you...

khorasasn33iBeing first or being full seller is not our main goal rather we have thought of being best and most reliable through our costumers minds and hearts and we have done our best to created good remembrance in our honest customer minds and hereby it is worthy of note that we have always been in debt on those who by their comments and suggests helped us a lot for increasing the quality of our product we are proud of us because you are our customers!

Why Khamootgostar?

Our industrial complex within thirty years of experience and pertaining the most contemporary machinery and equipment with full experienced engineers had done its best to satisfy our customers. The key objectives and benefits of our company are as follows

  • Customers satisfaction
  • Commitment, innovation and creativity
  • High quality
  • One year guaranty
  • Warranty for three days
  • Iranian production

Customer Service Khamoot Gostar

Online Shopping Guide
In this section, see the online shopping guide
3-day replacement certificate
All products of Khamoot Gostar Company after delivery for 3 days have a replacement warranty in case of technical malfunction
Telegram channel
You are able to order our products and we will deliver
Guaranteed the best price
Khamoot Gostar offers you the most affordable quality in the same quality
Free delivery to all provincial capitals
You are able to order our products and we will deliver.
Track order
Here you can track your orders and state of purchase


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Selling the machines and building equipment

Khamootgostar always tries to communicate with clients for measuring customers’ satisfaction and enhance our activity. We can do this by developed sales representatives throughout Iran. Therefore our products are available everywhere


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